How does Toyota maximize their sponsorship of the Alvarks, the new professional basketball team in Tokyo?

Role: Strategy, Brand design

Client: Toyota

After discovering that the Alvarks are moving to a temporary stadium outside of the city as Tokyo prepares for the 2020 Olympics we preposed Toyota develop a ride sharing program to transport fans to the temporary Alvark stadium in the short term and eventually help trasnport visitors during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In partnership with the Tokyo Alvarks basketabll team and Park 24, Toyota launched their official ride sharing program in Fall 2017. Fans can book rides to games through the new Alvarks app and season ticket holders enjoy premium parking. Toyota hopes to extend this program to other sponsored teams and to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


The logo for Ride by Toyota needed to allude to both the program's purpose and the sponsor. We also needed to create a mark that could be used for future atheletic partnerships such as the 2019 Rugby champsionship in Tokyo.