McCormick Spices

We take our spices seriously.

Role: Art Direction / Package Design

Developed while at VCU Brandcenter

McCormicks wanted to show people they take their spices seriously. We decided they had to better their practice before they preach. Although our brief asked for a communcation campaign, we believed new package design would speak louder.


Problem: It is difficult to find the spice you need unless it's in the front row.

Solution: A tilted cap with spice name in bold. The design also functions as a measuring spoon for easy and accurate measurements.


Problem: Clear packaging allows full light exposure which degrades flavor and no one pays attention to expiration dates so flavor ends up inferior.

Solution: Opaque plastic blocks light to retain freshness and a freshness sticker changes color from white to red when the spice should be replaced.


Problem: The McCormick's brand identity lacks cohesion.

Solution: Use the same package design for all McCormick brand and discern line by color.



McCormick needed a system to differentiate their spice lines. We decided color would be the easiet visual solve.