A disco, for your face.

Role: Co-founder & Creative Direction

Client: DiscoChains

Identifying an emerging trend in the accessory marketplace, we launched DiscoChains, a line of sunglass chains, in the Spring of 2019. There is nothing subtle about DiscoChains, and the line needed a brand to match the energy of the product. The identity pops with bold character, inspired by the spirit of Studio 54 and confidence of 80's pantsuits.

As designer across every touchpoint, my role was (and continues to be) to build a compelling brand from scratch — with an identity as playful as the product itself.

Perspective Business Cards MockUp copyPerspective Business Cards MockUp copy


The color of the product is what separates DiscoChains apart from competitors. With color being such an important part of the product, it was important to choose the brand palette strategically. The palette is inspired by the best selling products. The palette is strategically flexible; the colors are strong together as well as individually and pairings.



Photography: Sam Wallander