Member services that keep you moving.

Role: Strategy / Service Design / Brand Design

Client: ASICS Global

How can ASICS, traditionally a product company, shift to fitness as a service model? We developed a global membership program to unify their disparate brands, ASICS, ASICS Tiger, Onitsuka Tiger, and Haglofs. By doing do, ASICS could leverage brand resources and offering compelling services to members so customers can love the ASICS brand as much as they love their products.

Working on this project from inception, I helped strategize solutions and pitch a membership program. Once approved we concepted and tested services based on consumer research, and finally moved into branding and launch. OneASICS pilot launched in Winter 2018 in the UK. The program will expand to Europe in 2018 and globally by 2019.

The ASICS family is fragmented. As a result, they have product loyalty but little brand loyalty. In fact, many people don’t even know the full extent of their brands and offerings. By uniting all brands and services under one membership program we are able to increase awareness of their offerings.


Branding OneASICS was a unique challenge, we needed a design that would both be identifiably ASICS but also pair with the 4 different sub-brands. We decided to leverage the corporate ASICS identity, both logo and colors, which represents the larger parent brand all brands fall under.