I was born on the cusp of beauty so I deeply care about how things look and feel. My cosmic creativity is channeled into my work as an Creative/Art Director and Creative Strategist. I love big ideas, strategically sound concepts, activating community, and building brands from the ground up.

After earning a Master's in Branding & Business from VCU Brandcenter, I joined Inamoto & Co as employee #6, which presented some awesome opportunities in Brooklyn and Tokyo. Since then I have worked across the agency world and honed my expertise in the cannabis and wellness industries. I work on a freelance basis with clients helping to build brands through culturally connected experiences, content, and identities.

Some places I find inspiration: Disco Balls / Farmer's Markets / Mies van der Rohe / Storm King / Herbalism / Omotesando Tokyo / Thinking in Textures EP / Shibori / Los Angeles Flower Market / Shavasana / Sativa under the stars

In addition to Creative Direction and Strategy, I also produce events with the intention of creating more conscious communities and connections. I specialize in cannabis and wellness with an emphasis on female empowerment. Below are some recent events I have helped produce and curate.

Kin O' Clock at Moonrise Studio

Full Spectrum: A 420 Celebration at The William Vale

Breaking the Grass Ceiling: Woman Making an Impact at The Assemblage

Sunroof Market: A Female-Powered Artisan Market in Williamsburg

Feals / Humble Bloom / Adobe / Away  /  Nike  /  UNIQLO  /  GU  /  Toyota  /  ASICS  /  Theory  /  Howard Hughes